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"I have leadership challenges & I need them solved!"

Co.- enables your organization through:

  • -Diagnosing the TRUE root cause(s) of complex dynamics
  • -Coaching and developing LEADERSHIP and their TEAMS
  • -Enabling organizations to leverage CULTURE, DIVERSITY (DEIB), and EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE
  • -OPTIMIZING TALENT by aligning people with strategy
    • Karen is one of the most purposeful, conscientious executives I know. She's dedicated her professional life to improving culture and I'm a fan of the work she's done with our team. Anyone looking to improve their teams culture and performance should have Karen on speed dial.
      Devo Harris, CEO
    • Working with Karen as a leadership coach has been incredibly helpful. Her approach is adaptive and the recommendations she provided were well targeted for my particular development needs. Throughout our time working together, I developed an actionable toolkit for building a more productive and purposeful team culture, as well as developing my personal skillset for dealing with a number of day-to-day management challenges. Above all, I felt Karen was a great listener and offered perceptive insights based on her extensive experience and knowledge. I’d highly recommend.
      Kay Anderson, VP Marketing
    • I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Karen. If you or your organization are looking for something other than off-the-shelf, and are prepared to learn and grow, Karen has the insight, skill, and heart to work with you to achieve the change you are looking for.
      Karen Smith, VP
    • With grace, understanding and good humor, Karen guided us through a year-long process of articulating our core values, understanding the key behaviors that drive those values and structuring a set of internal tools to help us live the culture we defined. I know we could not have succeeded without Karen’s assistance. Karen was able to bring her deep experience in working with a wide range of organizations, large and small, to the benefit of our organization.
      Roger Dower, President
    • Karen skillfully designed, created and facilitated an incredibly beneficial, customized learning experience for myself and my leadership team. I would not only recommend working with Karen most wholeheartedly but also recommend her as an on-going and integrated resource for any team looking to function at a higher level.
      Marco Della Torre, CTO
    • Karen’s ability to help us better understand ourselves and our mission has been nothing short of amazing. Whether you're an early-stage startup or established company, I highly recommend having Karen guide you and your team in discovering and helping define your company’s culture and mission.
      Levi Martinez, CEO & Co-Founder